The world's ten fastest trains

Travel between Europe by train is faster than by plane, and therefore Japan is seeking to develop the fastest train in the world to be ready by 2020, until then the following list is the fastest trains in the world and arranged in descending speed :

China's Shanghai Maglev train has a speed of 267 miles per hour.
The Chinese Fuxing Hao train, with a speed of 249 miles per hour.
Japan's Shinkansen train runs at 224 miles per hour.
Italo and Freciarrosa Italian train, which reached a speed of 220 miles per hour.
Spain's Renfe train, with a speed of 217 miles per hour.
The Saudi Haramain train has a speed of 217 miles per hour.
The German Deutsches Train reached 205 mph.
The South Korean Corel train has a speed of 205 miles per hour.
The European Star and TGV trains have reached 200 mph.
The Thales European train has a speed of 186 miles per hour.

Where is the Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is a hypothetical patch of ocean waters off the coast of North America, in the far north of the Atlantic. In fact, there is no actual agreement on the size, location or shape of the Bermuda Triangle. It is an imaginary territory, not defined by geographic or geological topography, but generally the most acceptable boundary is an unclear triangle, whose heads are at three points: Florida, the Greater Antilles (the most important tropical archipelago is Cuba), and the Bermuda Islands (a small archipelago administratively administered by Britain).

Where is the tallest tower in the world?

Burj Khalifa in the UAE is the tallest man-made structure in the world.It opened on January 9, 2010.It is also the tallest self-supporting building in the world, formerly known as Burj Dubai, and was initially built of steel and concrete. Designed by Chicago's Owings Architect, Skidmore and Merrill LLP, which designed the World Trade Center, and the Tower of Wales, the government's goal was to promote tourism and diversify the economy, as its economy relies on the oil industry. The tower is about 30,000 dwellings, a 30-acre lake, and a courtyard 7 acres cars, 9 hotels, shopping center and 19 residential towers.

The most beautiful cities in Morocco

City of Chefchaouen
The city is famous for its ancient history and its magnificent architectural construction. It is famous for its buildings and its blue and white walls, so it is called the Blue Pearl.

Marrakech city
Marrakech is one of the most important tourist cities of Morocco and the capital of the Andalusian Empire. It is characterized by its beauty and its beautiful nature. The harmony between the beauty of the present and the splendor of the past includes many historical walls, buildings and giant gardens.

Tanger city
It is one of the sixth largest tourist cities in Morocco and one of the most important cities in Morocco. It receives many foreign tourists each year to come to know the best places of tourism in Morocco because of its prominent tourist attractions.

History of the Great Wall of China

The construction of the Great Wall of China dates back to the third century BC, and many of the fortresses in the wall date back hundreds of years. Before that, China was divided into a number of kingdoms during the Warring States Period. Around 220 BC. Qin Shi Huang, the first king of the United China, ordered the removal of ancient fortresses, the merging of ancient fences along the northern border and the construction of a single wall of more than 5,000 kilometers to protect China from attacks from the north.

How to Determine the Age of a Parrot

In most parrots, if there is a line or strip between the head and the skin cap, the parrot is less than 3-4 months old. If there is no bar in this location, it means that the parrot has changed its feathers at least once. More than 3-4 months. Some parrot birds can not apply this test to determine their age, namely lutino birds, and the parrot (Albino) which has no feather marks due to a genetic mutation.

What is the history of football ?

It is believed that the history of football originated in England, but about two thousand and five hundred years ago I played football in China, where it was known as Tsusho, and at the time they distributed prizes to the winners equivalent to them, but the loser was punished by flogging, and the ball they play is made of Skin and stuffed with hair and feathers, and the player to pay the ball to touch the nets hanging on bamboo sticks. The sport of football was also practiced in Egypt, Greece, the Roman Empire, and the country of France at the time.

The most beautiful areas in Qatar

Celine Beach
This resort is considered one of the most beautiful coastal places overlooking the sea. It has many recreational and leisure facilities such as: chalets, swimming pools, facilities and public services of all kinds, places of practice of marine sports, etc. The location of this product is close to the capital, Hour drive.

The Lagoon Resort
It is a seaside resort, with many hiking spots, and is characterized by plenty of apartments, taking its name from its area.

Palm Island
The hotel offers a range of restaurants serving seafood and international cuisine. It also has excellent places for children's entertainment, as well as the old maritime transport, which is the history of the State of Qatar.

What is the light

Visible light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum extending from 700 nm wavelength, up to 400 nm wavelength, in other words visible light is a part of the electromagnetic wave that is generated and has all wavelengths.
There are many attempts to measure the speed of light throughout history. It is logical and logical to think of the law of speed, which states that it is equal to distance divided by time, but with light, it is not that simple, it is very fast, Which is equal to (299,792,458 m / s).